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Petition to 10 Downing Street regarding cutbacks in the mental health area.


Over the past years successive governments have made cut backs and striped away at the National Health System, of primary concern to us, is the cutback in funding in the mental health area. We need to get the government to stop these cutbacks and increase funding to the mental health system.

While some people suffering from depression are fortunate enough to have a doctor who has an understanding of depression, and is able to prescribe medication, mental health is a specialized area. While the doctor is happy to write referrals to specialists, the waiting list for seeing specialists can take weeks or even months, even then, just a few consultations are given.

Some people suffering from depression are fortunate enough to live in an area where organizations such as MIND can offer assistance with a support worker, who can be very helpful in guidance and support, even just a friendly ear to listen to the problems you are having to live with through difficult times, or they could arrange group or one on one therapy in a wide variety of topics.

Unfortunately, not only are services from such organizations are in great demand, they do not have offices in all areas, also they have a limited number of qualified staff, which means there can be a waiting list to see a councilor. As always, any information given in this petition is held in the strictest of confidence in accordance with the data protection act, and is only seen by forum administration, and eventually Downing Street .

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